Allow me to introduce myself

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Hello there, My name is Gee and I was born & raised in Philadelphia, Pa. I'm a descendent of a Gypsy of grandmother, who was a major influence on who I am today. Not only was she a white Magic Healer, but practiced Herbalism, handing down knowledge & strength to the women who follow after her. I also am reiki certified & have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Merging passion & all of my acquired skills, I present to you "Clean Energii". A home detoxing company where we bring intention & mindfulness to help make your home a cherished & desired Temple.

Self Elevation & Healing continues for a lifetime & letting go is apart of growing. Thank you for trusting & allowing me into your home. My goal is to be of assistance in your healing journey so that we can all carry light & spread love all around the world. "We are all connected", therefore its our honor to be apart of a movement that aims for true enlightenment & Peace . Never forget, it starts with self & the environment your in.

Lets Zen out your Den!